SUNDAY, MARCH 10, 2018 noon – 3 pm

Invasive Vine removal

Join us for a work day to reduce the invasive vine problem in Colmar Manor Park, focusing on English Ivy that threatens mature native trees along the banks of the Anacostia River and Dueling Creek. This is a great opportunity to help restore these wetlands, and see and learn more about your local watershed in the company of folks who are passionate about the local ecosystems. Late winter is a great time to identify and manage evergreen vines like Ivy and Oriental Bittersweet.

The work will be off-trail, using loppers and saws. Heavy gloves, thick pants, and high boots are recommended, as we will be navigating brambly, muddy slopes. Let us know if you are coming, and what tools you might have to bring. Teenagers and adults only. Instruction provided.

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