2016 Earth Day volunteers
2016 Earth Day volunteers


Final tally for Colmar Manor, Maryland Town and Park – 61 large bags of recyclable beverage bottles, 28 large bags of garbage (plus 15 large bags from the town), 4 tires and about 250 volunteer hours in the rain – very successful!! ‪



PARK CLEANUP with Anacostia Watershed Society

Saturday April 23, 2016 – 9 am to noon with a picnic celebration to follow at RFK stadium

We are so excited to have you all at the Earth Day Clean Up tomorrow, sponsored by Anacostia Watershed Society. Thanks for registering in advance, and I look forward to meeting all 100 of you!

Please arrive
8:30 – 9 am  
Colmar Manor Town Hall
3700 Lawrence St, Colmar Manor MD 
Directions here
  • Anyone under 18 will need a waiver signed by a parent! Please bring this with you if the parent is not there. (attached)
  • We CAN accommodate extra people, so bring your friends (they may not get a tshirt).
  • Dunkin’ Donuts and Colmar Manor Town are graciously donating some coffee and donuts, feel free to bring a box of coffee or donuts yourself if you would like to contribute.
  • Gloves and bags provided
  • Dress in long pants and shirts, and shoes that can get muddy. Special clothing notes for park group, below.
  • RAIN OR SHINE! We may get some light rain, but it won’t be a problem. Bring a raincoat if you like or just get wet.
9 am – noon – We will divide into two groups
  • Town Clean up led by Doreatha Epps, councilmember for Colmar Manor – leaving from the Town Hall at 9!
  • Park Clean up led by Fran Toler, Friends of Dueling Creek. At 9 am we will move to the second (right hand) parking lot of Colmar Manor Park for coordination
Park Group – 
Because this park is large, and parts of it are heavily forested, we have some ideas for people who are planning to clean the park. Once we re-assemble in the parking lot, we will break into small groups, each with a specific area of the park to focus on. Please stay with your group the whole time! 
If bushwhacking through brambles and mud (and carrying large bags of trash through this, uphill) is your idea of a fun adventure, come prepared to get dirty and wet. We don’t want anyone actually IN the creek, but the areas around it on the bank are marshy and muddy.
If you’d like a less challenging area to clean, there are plenty of areas that are grassy and have trails, so don’t worry – we will send you with a group that has a similar goal. 
Helpful to bring if you have them for those in the more adventurous Park group!
  • waterproof boots (tall rubber boots are ideal)
  • trash picker-upper (what are those called?)
  • long-handled garden tool for fishing things out of the creek (like tires) and disturbing the leaf litter to expose trash
  • Short length of rope (also for retrieving tires)
  • Small clippers for difficult bush-whacking moments.
  • Leather gloves or those thick tough plastic gardening gloves for better hand protection (we have soft gloves)
  • Bucket or old laundry detergent bottle and dustpan for broken glass removal
  • Water and a snack for all your hard work
11:30 – 12 – The Park Group will need to begin wrapping it up, getting all trash bags up to the fire road or main road. I want to make sure everyone is accounted for and ok!!  Park and town folks will be helping us with trash removal.
12 noon – Colmar Manor is providing light snacks over at the Town Hall.
12 -2 pm – Picnic and games over at RFK Stadium – your AWS Clean Up t-shirt is your parking pass. A band will be playing, lunch is provided. Also there will be real bathrooms and hand washing options.
I am looking forward to meeting you all! I want to make sure you ALL have my cell phone number for any problems that day 

GWU Freshmen Service Day

Wow! what a huge and helpful group!

September 12, 2015, three school buses full of freshment starting out at George Washington University came for a day of service. We had a great group, who worked tirelessly in the light rain cleaning up trash both in the park area and down in the creek. We racked up 210 volunteer hours collecting about 50 bags of trash!

GWU Freshmen Clean up Sept 12 2015

How a simple walk can lead to big community changes

We appreciate Cottage City resident Brittany Drakeford!!

After the huge storms on June 27-28, 2015, on Sunday Bittany discovered the leftovers along the banks of  Anacostia River.

Waterfront before POPUP
Waterfront before POPUP

She quickly sent out text and email messages and a group of citizens converged at the Bladensburg Park and that afternoon they collected 15 bags of trash.

The volunteers received a big appreciation from Kyle Lowe,

On behalf of the Department of Parks and Recreation, I want to thank everyone for your continued hard work and commitment in cleaning-up the Anacostia. At any time you can ask us to provide additional support with staff, volunteers and especially supplies like trash bags and gloves. Much appreciated”  

Kyle  Lowe at The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, Natural and Historical Resources Division

POPUP clean up crew
POPUP clean up crew



APRIL 25 2015 – CLEAN UP with Anacostia Watershed Society!

25 Volunteers removed over 100 bags of trash from the forest and creek, many tires, and even an old bicycle. It was a chilly morning, and they all worked hard for hours.

Clean up was a BIG SUCCESS!!!Ap25 Pat Brennan Biggest problem? BOTTLESApr25Chloe Some of us got VERY DIRTY in our enthusiasm! Thanks Chloe!

The kayak helped extract some tires Chloe kayak

A typical trash jam in the creek TrashJam 2With more trash hiding just under

And the wonderful volunteers who cleaned up!

Volunteers1 Volunteers2 Volunteers3 Volunteers4



And thanks also to DUNKIN’ DONUTS on Queens Chapel Road who donated two boxes of donuts for our volunteers.